Hello, creative soul.

This is a place for inspired thinkers to recharge and focus. Read and learn, take a course, or meet with me for one-on-one creative development. 

I'm Rebecca.

I built The Lucky Sprout as a space for you to find tools and inspiration for the great creative work you do. I’m a writer, business owner, and content publishing specialist eager to help you find the inner strength to make your dreams a reality!

There are three keys to creative success.



Through deep self-work, we can understand what really makes us tick. Self knowledge helps us to create our own definitions of success and to seek true fulfilment through the work that we do.



Once we understand what we truly need, we can strategise to make it a reality. Creating a plan is part technical and part intuitive: it must be a living document that can adapt as our growth pulls us in new directions.



As human beings, we all have a deep need to be heard. Finding a platform for our creative output is critical, whether it be through our community, the internet, a business, or manifested in our curated environment.

How did this get started?

I left the world of academia to start my own business producing sea salt. It grew quickly and took on a life of its own! I still felt the need to teach and share, so my second hustle became my blog, The Lucky Sprout, and Offshoot Creative Consulting.

Through Offshoot, I’ve been able to connect with & help so many amazing creative folks. It’s a privilege to be a part of someone else’s journey to finding their voice and platform!

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