50 Post Ideas for Food Bloggers (That Aren’t Just Recipes!)

Struggling for new ideas for your food blog? Sometimes it?s nice to break outside of the formula of creating recipes and posting food photos and do something a little different.

Here?s a list of 50 different post ideas that you can use for your food or recipe blog! Consider them as starting points, and think about your own angle to each topic. What would work for your brand?

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1. Spotlight an ingredient. How do you clean it, store it, prepare it, season it?

2. Create a food challenge. Try making oatmeal every day for a week, try eating raw, or take inspiration from a fellow blogger’s lifestyle.

3. Explain a culinary technique you use, especially something from your family’s cultural cuisine.

4. Recommend other food bloggers you admire.

5. What is your go-to meal and why?

6. Describe grocery shopping in your area/country.

7. Share a story about how you came to love a food you used to hate.

8. Tell a story about a food experience you had while travelling.

9. What are your best budget-friendly tips for eating out?

10. Review an instant meal or premade product.

11. Review a cookbook (the library is a great resource!)

12. Share a meal plan for a week.

13. Create a menu for a special occasion or a holiday meal – and include links to your own recipes!

14. Organize a kitchen space and provide a visual guide.

15. Review a local restaurant.

16. Share your photography process.

17. Share food-related apps or social networks you use.

18. Tell a story about what inspires your blog or your writing.

19. Share some food styling tips, what props you use, and how to DIY a great shot.

20. Review a kitchen gadget – Amazon is a great place to find these, and you can affiliate link back.

21. List of ways you keep your kitchen sustainable and environmentally friendly.

22. Share your creative process. How do you create your recipes? What is your testing procedure?

23. A guide to healthy foods for when you are sick, particularly easy and quick to prepare meals.

24. Kitchen ingredients for skincare, such as masks and toners.

25. A guide to seasonal produce where you live. What foods are always available locally?

26. Showcase a small local food brand that you like.

27. What food trend are you loving/hating right now?

28. DIY a meal or food that you usually buy premade.

29. Visit and review a local farmer?s market, and cook a meal from your purchases there.

30. Do you take vitamins/supplements and why/why not?

31. Create a tutorial about how to edit your photos, and share the software or apps that you use.

32. Create some DIY pet treats using natural and healthy ingredients.

33. Make a list of must-have kitchen tools if you are just starting out on your own.

34. Create a list of links to food-based gifts that you can make, whether from your own site or others.

35. Compile a list of food gifts that you can buy, especially on short notice.

36. Make a guide to hosting a party or event – a kid’s birthday party, a retirement party, a themed dinner party?

37. Design a guide to selecting and storing produce, including a handy infographic.

38. How can you still eat well while on holiday?

39. Create a home version of a favourite chain beverage (a hot drink, a mixed drink, or a smoothie blend).

40. Modernize an antique recipe – find an old cookbook and adapt a recipe to meet modern tastes.

41. Suggest food and drink pairings, pulling in other blog posts of yours – if you have a pasta recipe, suggest a wine, or if you have a biscuit recipe, suggest a tea blend.

42. A list of tips for taking better photos with your phone. Include examples of “bad” photos and then “good” improved versions.

43. Share a kitchen storage solution, such as how to store spices, pantry items, or bulky baking ingredients.

44. Explore outdoor cooking – how to cook on a campfire, or just on a barbecue.

45. Suggest host or hostess gifts for a party, food related and otherwise.

46. Create a guide to hosting an awards show party, or a Super Bowl party.

47. Write a roundup of foodie/lifestyle podcasts.

48. Explore an ?underrated? food that you rarely see featured in recipes, and find a way to give it mainstream appeal.

49. Share how to cook for a crowd on a tiny budget.

50. Recreate and ?elevate? a childhood favourite dish.

If you have more ideas you want to share, leave them in the comments! And if you use any of these ideas, send me a link so I can check it out! 🙂


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