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Rebecca Wilson is a Nova Scotian writer, designer, and entrepreneur. In a former life she was a university researcher focusing on Digital Humanities; after leaving academia, she took the entrepreneurial path in order to explore more practical ways that her research interests could be applied in the world. She now works as a creative consultant and web/book designer, in addition to running several e-commerce enterprises. Rebecca offers courses on digital publishing and writing through The Sprout School.

Her dual mission is to share her creative concepts with the world, and to teach and empower others to do the same. Rebecca holds a BA and MA in Classical Studies, and an MA in English.


Offshoot Creative Consulting
The Lucky Sprout Studio
Lucky Sprout Press
South Shore Sea Salt
Readers & Co.
Moss and Sorrel
The Sprout School


> Podcast Interview: Creative Conflab with Tara Joy Andrews, Episode 9 (listen here)
> Newspaper Interview: “From healing hobby to sea salt sensation”, The Halifax Wire, December 9 2020
> Conference Speaker: “Using TWINE Software to Reimagine Archaeological Spaces”, Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Classical Association, St. Mary’s Univerity, October 15th 2018
> Conference Speaker: “Research Tools and Strategies for Fact-Based Blogging”, BlogJam Atlantic, October 19th 2019
> Conference Speaker: “Dystopian Mythology: classical reception in George Miller’s Mad Max franchise”, Classical Association of Canada Annual Conference, May 11th 2017
> Conference speaker: “Zeus and Xenia in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein“, 14th Annual Concordia University English Graduate Colloquium (Monstrous Impositions), March 6th 2016
> Conference speaker: “Playful lenses: Game-based inquiry, research and scholarly communication”, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia Diversity in Computer Science Event, October 18th 2016
> Conference speaker: “Playful lenses: Open social scholarship through game-based inquiry, research and scholarly communication”, INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments) Understanding and Enacting Open Scholarship Gathering, January 17-18th 2017
> Co-authored: “‘English like a Dead Language’: Visualizing John Milton’s Literary Style”, with Richard Cunningham and Harvey Quamen. Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanitiés numériques, Calgary, May 2016


> Joseph Darby: A Man of Sable Island (2021), historical biography
Camilliad (2021), historical fiction novel
> Playful Lenses: Using Twine to Facilitate Open Social Scholarship through Game-based Inquiry, Research, and Scholarly Communication (2019), academic paper in KULA Journal
> The Vintage Vegetarian: The 1800s (2018), historical cookbook
> “Oh, praise the eternal justice of man!”: Classical Greek ideas of Justice, Philia, and Xenia in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (2016), masters’ thesis

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