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Rebecca Wilson is a Nova Scotian writer, designer, and entrepreneur. In a former life she was a university researcher focusing on Digital Humanities; after leaving academia, she took the entrepreneurial path in order to explore more practical ways that her research interests could be applied in the world. She now works as a creative consultant and artist/designer.

Her dual mission is to share her creative concepts with the world, and to teach and empower others to do the same. Rebecca holds a BA and MA in Classical Studies, and an MA in English.


> Podcast Interview: Creative Conflab with Tara Joy Andrews, Episode 9 (listen here)
> Newspaper Interview: “From healing hobby to sea salt sensation”, The Halifax Wire, December 9 2020
> Conference Speaker: “Using TWINE Software to Reimagine Archaeological Spaces”, Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Classical Association, St. Mary’s Univerity, October 15th 2018
> Conference Speaker: “Research Tools and Strategies for Fact-Based Blogging”, BlogJam Atlantic, October 19th 2019
> Conference Speaker: “Dystopian Mythology: classical reception in George Miller’s Mad Max franchise”, Classical Association of Canada Annual Conference, May 11th 2017
> Conference speaker: “Zeus and Xenia in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein“, 14th Annual Concordia University English Graduate Colloquium (Monstrous Impositions), March 6th 2016
> Conference speaker: “Playful lenses: Game-based inquiry, research and scholarly communication”, WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Acadia Diversity in Computer Science Event, October 18th 2016
> Conference speaker: “Playful lenses: Open social scholarship through game-based inquiry, research and scholarly communication”, INKE (Implementing New Knowledge Environments) Understanding and Enacting Open Scholarship Gathering, January 17-18th 2017
> Co-authored: “‘English like a Dead Language’: Visualizing John Milton’s Literary Style”, with Richard Cunningham and Harvey Quamen. Canadian Society for Digital Humanities / Société canadienne des humanitiés numériques, Calgary, May 2016


> Creative Passive Income (2022)
> The Digital Product Success Plan
> Joseph Darby: A Man of Sable Island
 (2021), historical biography
> Playful Lenses: Using Twine to Facilitate Open Social Scholarship through Game-based Inquiry, Research, and Scholarly Communication (2019), academic paper in KULA Journal
> The Vintage Vegetarian: The 1800s (2018), historical cookbook
> “Oh, praise the eternal justice of man!”: Classical Greek ideas of Justice, Philia, and Xenia in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (2016), masters’ thesis


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