Writer, artist, idea person.

Rebecca Wilson

I’m pretty sure that everyone comes full circle eventually. We go back to the things we loved as a kid. For me, that was making up stories, brewing magic potions in the woods, and telling my friends they were having fun wrong. Okay, so, maybe not completely full circle. But we’re close.

I think creativity is a human right.

At my core, I’m just someone who wants other people to feel empowered to be themselves. We’re all social creatures, and we want to connect with likeminded people. This can be hard, but thanks to the power of the internet, just about anyone can build a platform and attract their people.

That’s what I’ve done with The Lucky Sprout! I’ve taken my love of writing, along with my interests in wellness and spirituality, creative businesses, and education, and created a community of brilliant and innovative folks (just like you)!

Here’s a list of things that I did before I started my own business (in case you were interested): lived all over Canada. Published poetry. Went vegetarian. Studied abroad in England. Got a bachelor’s degree with honours in Classics. Worked at a gift shop. Wrote a novel. Got a master’s degree in Classics. Taught a university course. Spoke at conferences. Published a paper. Got another master’s degree, this one in English. Started a PhD program. Left a PhD program. Got sick. Got better. Changed my mindset. Started looking for ideas. Found inspiration everywhere. 

I live on the edge of a beautiful forest in Nova Scotia, Canada, and love to travel the world whenever I can. I love taking pictures and videos, cooking plant-based meals, and hanging out at my local coffee shop drinking tea lattes. 

Here are some of my projects.

I’m fortunate to have a leading part of these businesses and programs. I work with some brilliant people and get to connect with super cool clients and retailers. How lucky am I?

The Sprout School

Online education

The Lucky Sprout Studio

creative studio

Offshoot Creative Consulting

consulting agency

South Shore Sea Salt

Food manufacturer

Want to work with me?

I’m the kind of person that wears (and owns) a lot of hats. I run three businesses, write books, and work with clients to help them turn their passions into platforms (and sometimes profits, if it fits)! I offer a writing coaching program and also creative consulting services. You can find out more about that on my “services” page!

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