Practical Advice for Brand New Freelancers

Starting out as a freelancer can be the first step in establishing career independence. It’s an exciting, stressful, creative time. If I’m going to be honest, I can’t remember the first time someone hired me to edit for them. I was doing it in university while I was a student, and it was a pretty […]

MM 09: Eating Plants for Wellness

It’s a bit tricky to try and promote a plant-based diet without sounding like either a lecture or an infomercial. In this episode I’m attempting to share my story along with some useful info to help you up your plant intake whether you want to be vegetarian, vegan, or just enjoy Meatless Mondays! The new […]

What Platforms I’m Using to Grow My Brand

Everyone is always trying to “grow their brand”, right? I’m certainly no different. As I’ve reached the point where my products are ready to put out in the world, I’ve had to turn to my marketing strategies with a serious eye. Now, if you’re familiar with any of the work I do (here on my […]

MM 08: Public Speaking

How much do you hate public speaking? Probably not as much as I did in high school! But after years of practice I learned to love it, and even to look forward to teaching classes and giving lectures. In this episode I’m sharing a few concrete tips on how you can better prepare for your […]

The Perils of Finishing a Book

For me, trying to write a book doesn’t start to be challenging until I’m almost finished. 98% done. Nearly ready to hit save and send it off in an email to somebody else to review, enjoy, or try and sell. But that last 2%, oh man. I can’t even face it.  I call it “baby […]

MM 07: Internet Side Hustles

Thinking about adding a side hustle to your work week? Have no fear, because I’ve put together a list of several that you can do from your computer with almost no upfront cost (except for one option)! We’ll also talk about labour density, businesses you can expand to full-time, and the top three things you […]

MM 06: What’s in a name?

Names are the name of the game this week, and we’re going to be talking all about the psychology behind them. How does the name you choose for your business affect the way people perceive your work? How does your personal name affect your destiny? And what the heck is brand extendability?!  Whether you’re naming […]

MM 05: The Journaling Habit

More than a hobby but less than a lifestyle, journaling is an awesome way to centre yourself while also working through the troubles of your day. In addition to a little bit of science about how this practice can help you, we’ll talk about different types of journals you can keep, incorporating it into your […]

Advice on running a creative product-based business

Running my own business has been the best thing that ever happened to me. Or, I guess, it’s not right to say it happened to me. I made it happen for myself, with some fantastic support along the way.  I don’t know how universal an experience this is for anyone else, but thinking back to […]

MM 04: Defining Yourself

I’m taking a stand that the term “elevator pitch” is totally outdated, but I’m using it anyway. In this episode I talk about the practice of defining yourself and making sure that your job title aligns with who you are and what you value (if you’re self employed, at least). I’ll share my own experience […]