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DIY: Tassels!

Somewhere in my crafty childhood I was shown how to make tassels. It was probably my mom who taught me. It’s a really easy craft

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Vegan Vanilla Icing

Don’t go running away at the title – this icing is anything but gross. It’s a sweet, rich, and workable icing that you can use

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Raspberry Chia Pudding

Creating a really beautiful colour in a chia pudding turns out to be slightly more challenging than I expected. My assumption was that by adding

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Balsamic and Tomato Bruschetta

What could possibly make the already perfect bruschetta even better? Loads of balsamic vinegar, of course! My recipe for bruschetta topping involves letting the tomatoes

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Pistachio Date Balls

These cute and portable snacks are packed with superfoods, natural ingredients, fibre and protein to keep you energized throughout the day. All it takes is

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