7 Steps to Master Productivity and Accomplish Your Goals

Everyone wants to get more done. And we all have long to do lists. If you’re a student, it’s filled with papers and exams. In the workplace, you have presentations, reports, and deadlines. And even at home, you have personal goals and creative projects you’ve been trying to accomplish. When I was mentoring undergraduate students […]

How to Write a Thank You Note

An important duty in childhood is learning to say thank you. In adulthood, you need to learn to do this in writing. The art of the thank you note is, I’ll admit, somewhat out of fashion. It’s often much easier to send a quick text or an email instead of a notecard. But that’s perfectly […]

4 Free Apps to Manage Your Social Media

Like a lot of bloggers, I do a ton of work from my phone. Partially this is out of convenience, but partially it’s because a lot of the best software for managing a blog and social media is only available as an app. I’m not sponsored to promote any of these apps. They are simply […]

DIY Photo Light Box for $3

Having a photo light box on hand means that you can create stunning product shots easily. It’s not much hassle to set it up, you can use it no matter what the weather or light is like outside, and if you plan it right, its totally collapsible. There are plenty of these you can buy […]

50 Post Ideas for Food Bloggers (That Aren’t Just Recipes!)

Struggling for new ideas for your food blog? Sometimes it’s nice to break outside of the formula of creating recipes and posting food photos and do something a little different. Here’s a list of 50 different post ideas that you can use for your food or recipe blog! Consider them as starting points, and think […]

5 Exercises to Destroy Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome. Doesn’t matter what field you’re in — everyone seems to have some experience with it, especially if you’re young or new to an industry. What is impostor syndrome? It’s basically a deeply ingrained self-doubt and belief that every one has more experience than you. That for some reason, even though you’re qualified and […]

Breathing Exercises for Travel Anxiety (And Other Anxiety, Too!)

A breath of fresh air — the phrase means something new, something needed, and something unexpected. Those are also three words I would use to describe my experience with travel anxiety. It plagued me as a teenager. I passed up going on a trip to Spain in high school over nerves for the flight. Now, […]