DIY: Tassels!

Somewhere in my crafty childhood I was shown how to make tassels. It was probably my mom who taught me. It’s a really easy craft for a kid, and everyone has some string laying around somewhere. But how many kid’s level crafts do you know that get used all the time in fashion and decor?? […]

DIY: Crystal Wall Hanging

I’ve always been a big rock and crystal collector. In fact, I still have the shoe box (which contained a pair of silver Velcro platform sneakers, thank-you-very-much 1990s me, wish I still had those in an adult size) that housed my ever-growing rock and mineral collection. Nowadays I keep the best bits of that collection […]

Decanting Essential Oils + Fixing Broken Bottles

If you collect a lot of different essential oils from a lot of different brands, chances are you’ve learned that not all bottles are created equal. They might look the same, but some of them totally suck. The oil either comes out super slowly or not at all. I got a really awesome set of […]

DIY Photo Light Box for $3

Having a photo light box on hand means that you can create stunning product shots easily. It’s not much hassle to set it up, you can use it no matter what the weather or light is like outside, and if you plan it right, its totally collapsible. There are plenty of these you can buy […]