Completing a Big Goal

When I’m having an inspiring conversation with someone, it seems like we always drift towards goals. Maybe that’s just because I’m always thinking about my own, or how to support others in theirs. It genuinely makes me happy. So when I realized that the big news I got the other day meant that I had […]

Playlist: Dark Autumn Nights

The days are getting short and the nights are long, and all I want to do is listen to crackling wood and this spooky playlist of roots rock and alternative country songs. It was inspired by the first two songs, Bottom of the River by Delta Rae, and Gold by The Handsome Family. Since Halloween is tomorrow, here’s something […]

15 Julia Child Quotes To Keep You In Love With Cooking

Ah, Julia Child. A marvellous woman with a passion and efficiency for cooking to be admired. I don’t think I’d eat half the things she cooked, but that’s besides the point I was introduced to her show, The French Chef, rather late compared to other people. It was while visiting my parents, and as they […]