Ready to get serious about your writing?

Have you always dreamed of having a book with your name on the cover? Maybe you’ve got a great career but want to write a book on the side. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur and want to add a book to your product offerings. No matter what your experience, I’m here to help first-time authors find their footing and create a strategy to take their big idea from a concept to a completed manuscript.

Single Sessions

Want a one-time coaching session? I offer two different types of one-offs: a Project Kickstart Session for ideas just getting started, or a Writing Strategy Session for projects already underway.

Monthly Subscription

If you're ready to commit to finishing your writing project, monthly coaching is for you. This full package includes a structured program, video chats, manuscript services, and more.

Manuscript Services

Done your first draft? Got a few pages you want an opinion on? If you're looking for an editor or proofreader, look no further. I've worked with hundreds of clients as an editor, and can't wait to read your work next.

How does it work?

As an experienced editor and university instructor, I’ve seen it all when it comes to writing styles. When I’m helping with the technical aspects of your manuscript, my goal is always to make your writing read as clear, concise, and confident. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for personal style too! I edit with the reader (your audience) in mind, following the mantra that a reader should never realise they are reading. They should be so engrossed in the story that they aren’t caught by clunky sentence constructions or indecipherable vocabulary.

How does the technical part of the coaching work? You will send me a selection from your manuscript at least five business days before our meeting. The number of pages will depend on the package that you select. I’ll read and assess these pages, providing you with a detailed report on my impressions and suggestions. During the meeting, we’ll go over these notes, and I’ll send you the report at the end so you don’t miss a thing.

My coaching goes far beyond the technical side of things, though! In addition to talking about the manuscript we will also discuss the process. We’ll discuss your end goals for this project, and whether they are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely). We can talk about your plot and the process of storytelling – here, my Masters of English will come in handy as we talk about different kinds of composition. We’ll set out a timeline for your writing and if we’re meeting on a regular basis, do check-ins to see how you’re progressing and modify it as needed. I know that most of my clients have busy lives and jobs outside of their writing, and it can be hard to make time for your project. But by working with a coach, you’ll be making a commitment to yourself and prioritising the writing process in a way that skyrockets your chances of success. 

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Meet the Coach

Hi, I’m Rebecca Wilson.

I pride myself in being both intuitive and empathetic in my work. Constructive feedback is the name of the game, and while I am always honest in my critiques, I’m not out here to insult people. I know that sharing your writing with others can be an intensely vulnerable process, and it can take just one bad experience early on to scare somebody away from sharing their creative side. Together we will build your confidence as a writer so you can start crossing out the word “aspiring” before it and be proud of what you create. 

While I am open to a wide variety of writing projects, there are a few genres I specialise in. These include: genre/commercial fiction (sci fi, fantasy, romance, young adult, etc.); non-fiction and research-heavy books; memoirs and biographies. LGBTQIA+ authors and works are also welcomed and encouraged.

I do reserve the right to turn down any projects based on the nature of their content or for other reasons. Above all, though, I love hearing creative new ideas and twists on classics! If you feel ready to start a conversation, use one of the links below to book a chat with me or send me an email to get started. If you reach out via email or an introductory call, there’s no obligation to book a session — I want our coaching sessions to be a great fit for both of us!

I know you’ve got a great idea just waiting to be shared. Let’s take the first step together, and help that dream come to life.

Coaching Packages

Not sure what package is right for you? Use the contact form at the bottom of the page to get in touch, and I’ll recommend the best option!
All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include tax. Please ensure that all manuscript sample pages are formatted in the industry standard (size 12, Times New Roman font, double spaced, and one inch margins). 

Project Kickstart Session

$149.99 ea

A one-time coaching session for writers with an idea, but who need some help bringing it to life. 

Send a 1-2 page outline a minimum of 5 days before your session. We’ll then book a 1 hour call or video chat to discuss your project’s focus, timeline and planning, the table of contents, completion objectives, and more.

After the call, you’ll receive a written report with advice and strategies for this project. The price includes time spent in advance analysing your outline, preparing your report, and preparing talking points for your session.

Writing Strategy Session

$149.99 ea

A one-time coaching session for writers with a solid idea and writing already underway.

Send a 10-20 page manuscript sample a minimum of 5 days before your session. We will book a 1 hour call or video chat to talk about your project idea, structure, goals and outcomes, publishing strategy, and more. 

After the call, I’ll send you a written report on your manuscript sample providing feedback on your writing and technical style. The price includes time spent in advance analysing your manuscript pages, preparing your report, and preparing talking points for your session.

Full Coaching Program

$299.99 per month

This monthly coaching package is for writers who want to establish an ongoing coaching relationship to support them as they progress and complete their book. This program includes all the benefits of the individual sessions above, plus additional manuscript pages and support.

Coaching clients can send 30-50 manuscript pages per month for feedback, and will receive biweekly reports on their progress with advice and suggestions. We’ll have two 1-hour chats each month either on the phone, via video chat, or in person if you are located in or near Halifax, NS. These discussions will cover the same topics covered by the individual sessions plus content tailored for your project. 

You’ll also have access to email support during the month. There are only a few spots available for monthly coaching, but at present there is an open slot for new clients.

If this sounds interesting to you, let’s discuss! Send me an email at, or click the button below to book a FREE 15-minute introductory call. We can discuss your project and needs, and see how best we can work together to get your book written and ready for the world.

Manuscript Services

Turnaround times will vary depending on the scope of the project. Rush orders may incur an extra fee. All prices are in Canadian dollars and do not include tax. Please ensure that all manuscript sample pages are formatted in the industry standard (size 12, Times New Roman font, double spaced, and one inch margins). 


$24.99 + $1 per page

The most basic service. I will go over your document and correct all spelling and grammar issues only. If there are larger issues with your sentence construction, I will provide annotations. You’ll receive a Word or Pages document back with Tracked Changes. This means you can view and approve all of the alterations I make to your text.

This service is great for those who are confident in their content, but want to make sure their text is pristine for distribution. It’s also a great service for ESL speakers/writers who want to make their English flawless.


$24.99 + $2.50 per page

This service includes both feedback on your writing and proofreading. Like in the above package, I will send you a Tracked Changes document that includes spelling and grammar issues, along with notes on things like structure, choice of language, comprehension, organisation of ideas, and clarity of expression.

This is ideal for finished manuscripts, reports, short stories, or articles. 

Feedback from Clients

"Thank you for your feedback. It has been helpful to fix the few minor errors in my referencing, and boost my overall confidence (:"
Meagan Macleod
University Student
"Rebecca has done text editing and grammar checking for me for a few years and I couldn't commend her more. Creative writing particularly asks for editing that won't constrain or deviate from your voice and ideas, as well as keeping a good channel of communication, and she's really thoughtful about that."
Telênia Albuquerque
Comic Creator and Writer

Talk to me!

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All prices in Canadian dollars. Coaching is offered as a service by Offshoot Creative Consulting, a sister brand of The Lucky Sprout Studio.