As a former university instructor, I love public speaking and sharing information. If you’ve got an event and think I would be a great speaker or co-host, I’d love to hear about it!

I’m also open to offering my services as an Intuitive Reader or Past Life Regression Therapist at group events. Contact me for rates based on the group size and format.

I do selectively work with brands on sponsored content, so long as it resonates with my values and audience.

Finally, I love creative and interesting opportunities for collaboration, so if you’re thinking of something I haven’t mentioned here, give me a shout. Click the button below to fill out a contact form or get my email address.

Here are some of the things I offer.

I love public speaking and leading/co-leading workshops. If you’ve got an idea brewing and are looking for someone to help, reach out! I’m always curious about cool new things. Listed below are just a few of the topics that I am passionate about.

Alignment & Intuition

Intuitive Card Reading & Workshops
Past Life Regression Meditations
Past Life Regression Therapy

Business & Professional

Strategic Planning
Writing & Publishing Workshops
Social Media Strategy Development
Introductory Graphic Design
Product Photography Workshops
Environmental Packaging Solutions

Wellness & Mindset

Life Transition Navigation
Plant-based Diet Strategies
7-Step Goalsetting

Let's chat.

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