Completing a Big Goal

When I’m having an inspiring conversation with someone, it seems like we always drift towards goals. Maybe that’s just because I’m always thinking about my own, or how to support others in theirs. It genuinely makes me happy.

So when I realized that the big news I got the other day meant that I had actually completed a lifelong goal of mine, I was a little shocked. Okay, I still am.

One of my manuscripts that I had sent off to a publisher is being published. A real, old school traditional publisher. Can you even believe that???

I’m a huge advocate of self publishing and will continue to self publish projects in the future. But receiving this contract really fells like people are believing in my work. And that’s kind of awesome.

The best part of all is that I’m really not feeling like I’m done, or that there’s nothing left to work towards for this goal. If anything, I feel motivated to go even further.

I’m developing an online course right now that focuses on goal setting and crushing. So it’s really timely for me to experience this range of emotions right now. Experience is a great teacher and you know I’m taking this all in, thinking of how I can pass on this experience – and hopefully this feeling – to my students.

My take away from this is that it’s never too early or too late to achieve your goals. I thought it might be a long time before I became a traditionally published author. But at the same time, inexplicably I felt like I was behind on my dream. Just goes to show how nothing can really beat believing in yourself. ??


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