DIY: Crystal Wall Hanging

I’ve always been a big rock and crystal collector. In fact, I still have the shoe box (which contained a pair of silver Velcro platform sneakers, thank-you-very-much 1990s me, wish I still had those in an adult size) that housed my ever-growing rock and mineral collection.

Nowadays I keep the best bits of that collection in a lovely tall glass jar for display purposes. But there are still tons of too-big treasures that float around, hoping to be made into something pretty.

After seeing dozens of crystal wall hangings on Pinterest and the like, I decided to give it a go. And though it took me a little while to warm up to it, I’m now really fond of the piece and have it hanging in my bedroom.


  • Assorted chain in various lengths (or create different lengths with pliers)
  • Gold floral wire
  • Assorted glass beads (I picked out all the blue and white ones)
  • Some crystals of varying sizes
  • A piece of nice driftwood
  • Gold spray paint (not pictured)
  • Scissors, players (not pictured)

Step One – Sanding and Prepping

The first thing I did was prepare my “natural” materials; that is, I sanded down the driftwood to remove some dried on seaweed bits, and I used a chisel and hammer to break down the selenite into smaller pieces than I originally had.

Selenite (also known as satin spar, and many other names) is a kind of gypsum that tends to crumble easily. I found a lot of it when exploring around the Bay of Fundy, and so had a lot of different shapes and sizes to work with. Due to its crumbly nature, it’s easy to break up into smaller pieces, but the edges end up rough. It’s a delicate process to get it right.

Step Two – Spray Paint

Since I wanted this decoration to have a gold vibe, I decided to spray paint the piece of driftwood. This is totally optional, I just had access to some new spray paint and wanted to try it out!

Obviously, only use this paint in a well ventilated area, and apply the paint in thin, even coats. Allow it to dry in between coats to avoid dribbles and buildup.


Step Three ?- Measure & Cut the Chain

Judging by the length of driftwood I was using, I wanted five strands. An uneven number will look way more visually appealing.

Select a width of chain that suits your taste. I chose this relatively small one, but it was still strong enough to hold up the crystals. Measure it into five varying lengths, and cut with pliers.

I also picked a wider piece of chain for the top hanger, and cut it to a length that looked right when I measured it against the driftwood.

Step Four – Create Pretty Charms

I decided that I wanted my crystals to be wrapped in wire in a simple design, then topped with a few beads before attaching to the chain.

I cut a long single piece of wire for each charm, and started by wrapping the crystals up like a present with ribbon. I kept one end of the wire shorter, and twisted that secure at the top of the crystal.

The first bead slid down on the longer end of the wire and covered up the twist securing the crystal. It looks neat and tidy this way, as you can see in the picture.

After adding a few more beads, I simply twisted the wire around the bottom hoop of a piece of chain a few times to secure it. Easy and pretty!

Step Five – Attach to the Driftwood

Once the piece of driftwood is dry after painting, you can start attaching your chain to it. I found that it was pretty secure by simply looping the wire a few times around the wood before hooking on the chain and twisting the ends shut. You can use the pliers to press the ends close together to make it more secure.

I attached the hanging chain first, in order to space out the dangling chains properly. Start with the middle dangler, and then the two closest to the ends, before adding the ones in between – that way you get them spaced evenly the first time!

And that’s really all it takes! Hang up your cute wall art on a plain wall for maximum impact. It can also look nice in a gallery wall, or hanging on a door, as shown below.


This is the first DIY that I’m sharing on this blog, so thanks for reading this far! I’ve got some more projects in the works (both easier and harder than this one), so stay tuned for more creative stuff!


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