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About the Lucky Sprout

Creativity and growth collide here at The Lucky Sprout. It’s a blog and platform for writers and plant parents alike, especially if you have a little entrepreneurial spirit! Founded by Rebecca Wilson originally as a plant-based food blog, this space has evolved to nurture several creative impulses that all stem from the same place: a desire to see things grow and flourish.

You’ll find the blog filled with interesting articles, a library of online courses, and a small publishing imprint called Lucky Sprout Press. If you need to get in touch with us, connect via social media, or click the email icon at the top of the page.


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I’m sharing my knowledge and stories as I grow my indoor jungle! Tips, tricks, and recommendations will help us all make our house plants a little happier. I occasionally also share plant-based recipes!


I’m an author with both traditionally- and self-published books. I love to help other people follow the same path, and I write helpful publishing content (and offer courses & design services, too).

Creative Business

Entrepreneurs are very welcome here! I run several businesses, both online and offline, and I’m passionate about sharing resources and advice with others.

Hi, I'm Rebecca!

I’m a creative entrepreneur, writer, designer, and proud plant parent! I’ve been blogging here at The Lucky Sprout since 2017 when I first started my self-employment journey. I left behind my life as a university lecturer and researcher to find a path that brought me real creative fulfilment (where I could still use all my skills)!

I’m co-owner of South Shore Sea Salt, and I also own Offshoot Creative Consulting, where I help design books, graphics, and websites for awesome clients. If you wanna see my portfolio, check out the button below!

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Interested in earning income from your writing? I offer courses on self-publishing and book creation over at the Sprout School!

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