Oracle Horoscopes: January 2020

Happy new year, my friends! I don’t know about you, but I’m already digging the 2020 energy over here. We’re just two days in, and I’m already calling it: this is the year where we make big stuff happen.

You can define “big stuff” however you want!

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing custom 2020 card readings for some beautiful people. It’s been such fun finding out what’s in store for everyone, and connecting with my cards in this new way! If you’re interested, these readings are still available for a limited time. It comes as a custom PDF with 26 cards drawn just for you!

I’ve also shifted my free readings from two card to one card draws. This is just a little act of kindness for myself. It worked so well on my Sunday Instagram readings that I thought I’d continue here. Simplicity is the name of the game for 2020!

All the following readings are done using the Rebecca Campbell “Work Your Light” Oracle Cards.

Capricorn – Leap

Starting the new year off with a bang, huh? The Leap card encourages you to take the big chance that you’ve been thinking about. Make the first move, take the first step. It might be scary, but guess what? The universe is supporting you. If you jump, it will catch you. Ultimately, this comes down to trust – trust in yourself, and that your ideas have merit. Do you really believe that you have what it takes to succeed? If you’re not so sure, well, I think you’re the only person that is feeling that way. Think about how you can work on building your confidence while simultaneously doing the brave thing this month. Who knows – you might even impress yourself.

Aquarius – Imrama

Dear Aquarius, you’re usually pretty good at listening to your heart, but right now you might have to deliberately silence some outside noise to listen even harder than normal. There is something calling you, deep and softly within yourself. The further you go in the right direction, the louder that call is going to get. You need to do everything you can to be in tune with yourself this month. This will require some critical assessment about the habits that you keep, the people that you spend time with, and the places your mind wanders when idle. Are you doing what is necessary to follow your heart’s calling? There’s a destination ahead. Make sure that you aren’t weighed down by too much baggage.

Pisces – Warrior Woman

It’s time to tackle fear, Dear Pisces. What have you been avoiding doing due to fear? And what is it you’re afraid of? Judgement, failure, disappointment – understandable, but not good enough reasons to avoid trying. You’ve got a purpose, and you know it. This month, it’s time to accept that purpose. That’s all – seems like a manageable task, right? The first step to following your calling is to answer the phone. Acknowledge that pull within your chest, the one that is asking for more. Once you embrace that purpose and put fear aside, the next steps will become clear to you.

Aries – The Ever-Unfolding Rose

Do you sometimes feel like life is coming at you fast? This year might be kicking off just a little quicker than you anticipated. Sudden events are making you feel like stress is piling up on your shoulders – and it’s only January?! But do not fear, because all you need to do right now is challenge your way of thinking. Are all these changes happening to you, or are they happening for you? Right now you can’t see the future or understand exactly how the things happening right now are benefiting you. However, it’s so critical that you trust in your heart that ultimately there is a pattern. These events are all leading up to something new and awesome. Try not to worry so much. Enjoy the ride.

Taurus – Share Your Voice

I know you were probably hoping for a bit of a hibernation this winter, weren’t you, Taurus? Well, tough! Turns out the time is perfect for you to step up and let your personality shine. There are people just waiting to hear what you have to say, or to participate in something you’re organising. You might be having a little difficulty with confidence, especially if this is all new to you. You’re going to have to take a bit of a leap of faith on this one and just trust that people are being honest with you right now. Your voice matters. Your perspective is important. And you have a lot of power right now to influence people and to make a difference. You just have to step into the spotlight (and it can be a small spotlight)!

Gemini – Protection

Reel it in, dear Gemini! You’ve been overextending yourself and I bet you are feeling the exhaustion in one way or another. It’s time to pull up your roots and get a bit closer to home this month. Have you been giving a bit too much time to a friend who demands a lot, but offers very little in return? You’ve been a good samaritan long enough in that relationship. Time to give it a break. Curl up on the couch with a good movie and turn your phone off (or at least on silent). Turns out you don’t owe anybody anything – so you’re free to act in your own interests right now! By the end of the month you should find that you’re feeling reenergized and ready to be your busy self again.

Cancer – Keepers of the Earth

If you’ve been feeling a bit lonely or unsupported lately, dear Cancer, I have some great news for you: you are never truly alone. You are surrounded by a powerful wall of love, constructed by your soul family and ancestors. Has something a bit “coincidental” happened lately? That’s just the universe giving you a little reminder that you’re unconditionally supported and loved. You might be needing this extra bit of love right now, as a big new decade looms ahead of you. Take this as a bit of reassurance: you’re going to figure it out, and you’re going to do the right thing in the long run. You don’t have to have all the answers right now.

Leo – Transformation

Been feeling some big shifts happening lately, haven’t you, dear Leo? It’s time that you recognise that yes, you are going through an evolution of sorts. Don’t be surprised when you realise you have outgrown some things you used to love. It’s perfectly okay to change. Some might say it’s extremely healthy! Your transformation is taking place every minute of the day in tiny, microscopic ways. You’re only going to recognise just how far you’ve come by looking backwards. This is a healing process, but also a process of stepping more into yourself. Enjoy it, and don’t stress about controlling it. Things are unfolding just how they are meant to.

Virgo – Mintakan

You’re not quite feeling at peace right now, are you, dear Virgo? There’s some itch under your skin or a restlessness in your bones. It feels like you’re supposed to be doing something, or going somewhere, but you have no idea what it should be. Let me cut to the chase: you’re longing for community right now. You need some more people on your side who really get you. Maybe it’s been a while since someone really, truly saw you. But don’t fret, because here’s what you do: start being more authentically yourself in public. You need to put it out in the universe that you are who you are, and let other people recognise something in you that they are seeking, too. If you hide, you won’t find your people. It’s time to be brave.

Libra – The Crumbling

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a fresh slate! It looks like you’re not quite ready to let go of all the emotions and events of last year, however. Transitions can be challenging. Letting go feels impossible. However, it’s important that you know that abundance and opportunity lay on the other side. Sometimes destruction can yield beautiful things – it can give small buds a chance to finally grow and reach up into the light. This month, make it your goal to start to reframe the past as something that gave you a tremendous opportunity in the future. You have learned so much. You aren’t the same person you used to be. You don’t need to hang on to certain things that used to bring you comfort. Your future is so, so full.

Scorpio – Priestess

January is your time to shine, dear Scorpio! Lots of opportunities are coming your way in the near future, particularly ones that relate to knowledge sharing and advice. You’ve gained quite a bit of respect from others, and folks are seeing you as an authority in what you do. How can you share some of the love and wisdom this month? Remember that leadership doesn’t just mean standing up in front of a crowd, talking away. It also means being a good role model for people in your community. Maybe it’s time that you start creating a dialogue about how you got to where you are now, or how you came up with one of your good ideas. You’ll find that in sharing and teaching, you learn more than ever.

Sagittarius – Break The Chain

Lately, you may have been wondering why you do the things you do, or why you are the way you are. A lot of our behaviour and mannerisms are learned, and they aren’t always the most helpful or productive. If you’ve been starting to question things, then it’s time to start breaking ancestral patterns. You don’t have to be destined to walk the same path as the people that came before you. It’s certainly an option, but if you are intentional about your choices, you can change things. You can heal from the past and start anew. This might feel a little bit lofty, but consider that the future is flexible, and the decisions that you make today will help choose what path you walk on. Make sure that your choices are in alignment with the future that you really want. It’s all possible for you, right now!

That’s it for January’s horoscopes! I hope that this new year starts off with a bang and brings you the inner strength you need to get down to business. You got this.

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