I didn’t always know I was going to be an entrepreneur. Actually, for most of my adult life I was determined to be a university professor. I even started my PhD program – until life decided to put me on a different road, starting the greatest adventure of my life!

Coming from an academic background, I like to think that I use my research skills for everything new I undertake. From starting my sea salt company to writing books to running The Lucky Sprout, each adventure is founded on a solid base of research.

That’s why I’m so proud of the products that I put forward in this brand. I can feel confident that I’m offering my community the best information possible because I go the extra mile.

Part of what I love about my career as a creative mentor is that I can take my work with me anywhere I go. I love being able to travel and work independently from different countries and cities. Freedom and independence are so important to me – and I know that resonates with a lot of you, too!