MM 03: My degree is useless?!

How much does your education come into play in the work you do every day? I have a feeling a lot of people would say, very little. So in this episode, we’re going over ten different learning objectives that you should ideally be checking off in your education. These apply whether you went to college, university, or learned from life experience.

Learning objectives are different kind of skills that you learn regardless of content. They’re great ways to be able to quantify your experiences and put them down onto a resume!

If you?re working on a problem, or creating a product, or developing a project, the ability to take an idea from somewhere completely unrelated and bring it in to the context has the potential to create wildly interesting and innovative things.?

Rebecca Wilson, MM 03, on Innovation

Talking Points

  • Challenging negative self-talk
  • Education vs workplace experiences
  • What are learning objectives?
  • The 10 objectives I prioritise
  • How to develop each skill (even outside of school)

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You can also listen right here via the player below.


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1 thought on “MM 03: My degree is useless?!”

  1. This was the first podcast I?ve ever listened to…and now I?m hooked! My post-secondary experience was many decades ago. But your learning objectives totally made sense to me. Great info and gave me lots to ponder. Thanks!

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