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MM 05: The Journaling Habit

More than a hobby but less than a lifestyle, journaling is an awesome way to centre yourself while also working through the troubles of your day. In addition to a little bit of science about how this practice can help you, we’ll talk about different types of journals you can keep, incorporating it into your routines, and I’ll share a few of my favourite notebook adventures from over the years.

As business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and makers, stress is something that we all know really well. If journaling is a tool that is both really fun and has positive effects on our stress reduction, then it’s really powerful.

Rebecca Wilson, MM Episode 5, on Journaling

Talking points:

  • Wishing I could be in the stationary fandom on Instagram
  • The “Illusion of Productivity”
  • Writing as a tool for self-care
  • Working through trauma by journaling
  • Stress management
  • Finding time to start this habit
  • Types of journals to start
  • A moment where I go too far down the “stationary highway”


  • Ullrich, Philip & K Lutgendorf, Susan. (2002). “Journaling about stressful events: Effects of cognitive processing and emotional expression”. Annals of behavioral medicine : a publication of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. 24. 244-50. 10.1207/S15324796ABM2403_10.

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