MM 09: Eating Plants for Wellness

It’s a bit tricky to try and promote a plant-based diet without sounding like either a lecture or an infomercial. In this episode I’m attempting to share my story along with some useful info to help you up your plant intake whether you want to be vegetarian, vegan, or just enjoy Meatless Mondays! The new Canada food guide has given me a lot of inspiration, and along with some academic papers I pulled together, we’ll explore what the world is really starting to say about plant-based diets.

People start to think of plant-based diets in terms of eliminations…but the truth is you can eat a ton of things, and it’s becoming easier every day.

Rebecca Wilson, MM 09, Eating Plants

Talking Points:

  • The new Canada food guide
  • Industry-backed academia and biases
  • Food and your personal wellness
  • History of plant-based diets
  • My personal transition to vegetarianism
  • Some great health reasons for you to try it
  • What is B12 and where does it come from?
  • Strategies for making the shift

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You can also listen right here via the player below.


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