I’m a Toronto girl who grew up all around eastern Canada. I completed three degrees: a BA in Classics, an MA in Classics, and an MA in English. I’ve worked a ton of jobs, everything from library assistant to retail clerk to museum guide. After I graduated, I started writing…and I’ve never really stopped!

I live just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I have a beautiful senior golden retriever and a hedgehog nephew. When I’m not working, you can probably catch me dreaming and scheming about the next big thing. I have no problem whatsoever with failure, and embrace it as a sign that I’m making progress. You gotta break a few eggs, y’know? It just makes the successes that much sweeter!

I love watercolour painting and creating linocut prints. I’m an avid photographer, especially when I’m travelling. I’m a longtime vegetarian and get a lot of joy from cooking – look back through my blog and you’ll see that I started TLS as a food blog!

My favourite drink is a London Fog and I have four cool tattoos and six even cooler scars. And if you need to know even more about me, go visit my Instagram where I share my life on a daily basis!