Offshoot Creative Consulting

Offshoot CC is a provider of premium creative support programs.

We work with writers, creative business owners and entrepreneurs, and individuals looking to build their skills and turn their big ideas into tangible results. We offer programs and services tailored specifically for our clients, as well as courses that cater to a wider audience.

It takes three things to unlock your creative potential: a goal, a plan, and a support network.

1-on-1 Services

We work with clients to help create a completion strategy for their books, improve their technical ability, and navigate the creative process with concrete strategies and advice.

Editing Services

and Manuscript Reviews

If you’ve got a document or manuscript that needs basic or in-depth editing, we can provide a custom service and quote. Prices are based on the number of pages in a document formatted to the industry standard.

The Sprout School

eLearning Courses

Launching in mid-2019, The Sprout School is an online learning platform offering courses on topics such as writing skills, business strategies, personal development, and wellness.

We take your creativity seriously. Won't you?

Connect with us to discuss the best options for your creative project. Initial consultations are free, and we’re excited to see how we can work together to turn your big idea into big results. Rebecca is also available for public speaking and workshops. 

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Monday - Friday
10:00-20:00 Hrs

Where We Work

We operate out of Hubbards and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Phone: (902) 719 4844

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