The Vintage Vegetarian eBook


A collection of meat-free recipes from the 1800s, with modern measurements and explanations provided to make historical cooking easy at home.

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Eating a meat-free diet isn’t a new idea, and this cookbook proves just how many old recipes can still be enjoyed by modern vegetarians. With over 180 authentic recipes sources from cookbooks from the 19th century, The Vintage Vegetarian (Volume One: The 1800s) provides conversions, trivia, and food for thought about the way we’ve been cooking for centuries.

This book includes chapters on breakfasts, vegetable dishes, soups and salads, preserves and seasonings, as well as a large collection of baked goods and sweets. Find out how to make The King’s Onion Soup, or what goes into making traditional Root Beer! Whether you ever intend to cook any of these recipes yourself, or just want a fun read to learn about cooking methods of the past, The Vintage Vegetarian has something for vegetarians, omnivores, and historians alike.


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