Thank you everyone for an amazing 2018 season!

We are now closed for the season and will be starting salt production again in April 2019. As we need particular weather and temperature conditions to make our salt, we halt production during the winter.

See you in the spring!

The Lucky Sprout Studio proudly offers
South Shore Sea Salt
A delicious taste of the Nova Scotian wilderness, right on your plate!

The beautiful cold ocean waters of Nova Scotia offer some of the purest white sea salt in the world. We hand cultivate small batches of sea salt through a filtration and evaporation process that yields soft and flavourful salt for every meal.

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How is sea salt made?

There are lots of different ways to create sea salt, depending on the size of the operation, the climate, and the space available. This is how we make salt at The Lucky Sprout Studio:

  1. Research: In order to make sure that the seawater at our preferred collection sites around St. Margaret’s Bay is safe to use, we check different testing agencies, like Environment Canada and the lifeguarding service. If it’s safe to swim and safe to fish, it’s safe to eat! We also check the weather and the tides to find the optimal collection window.
  2. Collect: We trek down to our collection sites with a truck and large containers. Each container is filled by hand, making sure to avoid catching any large pieces of seaweed or grit. In this stage, we can check the clearness of the water, too.
  3. Filter: The seawater is then put through a 3-step filter. These different layers filter out large pieces of organic matter, sand, and even smaller particles. Once, we even found (and rescued) a tiny fish!
  4. Reduce: There are two ways to turn seawater into salt: through heat evaporation, or solar evaporation. We use both methods, because here in Nova Scotia we don’t always get enough sun year-round to rely on it.
  5. Package and enjoy: We inspect and then package the salt. It’s ready to be used in all of your culinary projects!

How is sea salt different than table salt?

Table salt is anywhere from 97-99.9% sodium chloride, and is combined with anti-caking agents. This salty mineral is what we find in most households, in prepackaged foods, and in restaurants. It’s highly processed, and a cheap and efficient way to add a salty flavour to food.

Sea salts, on the other hand, are a whole different category! Since they come right from the ocean, they are minimally processed. Sea salts contain anywhere from 60 to 84 different minerals in addition to sodium chloride, which makes up the largest part of the salt. This means that you’re getting salt with a unique flavour, texture, and personality!

Note that when we’re talking about the product, sea salt, we use the singular form. But when discussing the ingredients, we talk about sea salts with an ‘s’! This is because there are so many kinds of sodium molecules that make up sea salt.

Why is Nova Scotian sea salt unique?

Every sea salt is different. This is due to the weather conditions, climate, water quality, and production methods used to make it. But what you’re going to notice most about different sea salts are the flavours! Each geographic location has a different mineral composition in the water, and therefore the salt from different regions will taste differently based on those percentages.

Nova Scotian sea salt is very clean and white in colour, due to the cold North Atlantic waters. Our particular brand of sea salt has a sharp, almost electric flavour upon first taste, which melts into a mellow sweetness on your tongue.



Where can I buy South Shore Sea Salt?

Our salts can be found at the Hubbards Farmers Market during the summer months. We also sell our salts online! The online store will be restocked and linked here next season when we are producing salt again. During the winter months, we halt production.

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