Creative Mentor + Writing Coach

Are you a creative soul, big dreamer, and endless project planner? Me too! My name is Rebecca and here at The Lucky Sprout, I am bringing together all of my best resources and content for creatives who want to achieve more, finish what they start, and adopt an “anything-is-possible” mindset.

Taking your creativity out into the world is a tremendously brave thing. It takes a balance of vulnerability and confidence to show up and share your unique vision. You know the best way to succeed? Connect with a community of likeminded people who can relate to your struggles and cheer on your wins. That’s what I want to create in my online world!

I love traveling the world, learning new things, and connecting with people living out their dreams. I take inspiration from everything and never turn down an opportunity to explore. I’m sharing everything I’ve learned so far though podcasts, articles, lectures, and even courses to help share the love and grow TLS even further.

Remember: the lucky sprout is the one who has a chance to grow. ♡