I'm Rebecca Wilson, a Content Publishing Specialist. I can't wait to help you with your project.

I’m passionate about helping people just like you share their awesome ideas with the world. You’ve got the content – your big idea, your book, your method, your product – and you need a way to digitally package, distribute, and monetize it. Those are my specialties! Publishing is way more than making books; it’s about making great content available and accessible to people. Together, we can create something awesome that serves your audience (whether you have one already or not)!

Here's how we'll work together.

I provide technical services, coaching, and consulting, so every process will be slightly unique. However, I have a general structure that I follow in all of my client work.

Initial Consultation

We’ll start off with a conversation to get a clear picture of what you want, and how I can best deliver that result. In design projects, this means pulling together things that inspire you or examples of what you like. For coaching and consulting, we’ll discuss your specific needs and create a measurable, actionable plan with a timeline so that you can be clear on what to expect from our collaboration.

The Work

After our initial consultation comes the actual work! For design projects or editing services, I’ll be working diligently on your project according to the timeline we set out together. For coaching and consulting services, we’ll begin our structured sessions according to the calendar that we set up.

Review Process

Once the work is complete, you’ll have a chance to review the project and request changes or alterations. For example, a book cover design has 2 review stages, but a website will have many more to ensure it meets your needs. At the end of a consulting or coaching agreement, we’ll review your outcomes and talk about next steps, if necessary.

Let's work on your book!

Making a book can be a challenge. I totally get it – I’ve had my academic work published, a book traditionally published, and several books self-published. There’s nothing more satisfying than finally seeing your finished work in your hands (or on your screen). I’ll help you create an awesome product that you can share proudly. Stop procrastinating and let’s get this thing published!

Editing and Proofreading

Your book deserves the best. I've edited over 300+ client documents, novels, comics, and more. I charge a per-word rate based on the level of help you need! I offer proofreading (which is technical stuff like spelling, grammar, and cohesion), or developmental editing (which is more structural and content based, plus the technical proofreading).

Writing Coaching

Ready for book bootcamp? I'm here to cheer you on and keep you on track! My coaching program will help you meet your writing goals, improve your storytelling, and figure out the right publishing and marketing solutions for you. This program is structured as a monthly subscription, and involves one-on-one coaching plus manuscript reviews!

Publishing Consultation

So you've got your book ready to go (or are nearly there). What comes next? There's a ton of options out there for publishing and I'm here to help you navigate them. Let's have a one-on-one consultation session to discuss your options & develop a strategy! Whether you want to secure an agent or learn the ropes of self-publishing, this service is for you.

I also offer book cover design services. Scroll down to see!

Client Feedback

Here's what folks are saying...

"Thank you for your feedback. It has been helpful to fix the few minor errors in my referencing, and boost my overall confidence (:"
Megan McLeod
University student
Rebecca has done text editing and grammar checking for me for a few years and I couldn't commend her more. Creative writing particularly asks for editing that won't constrain or deviate from your voice and ideas, as well as keeping a good channel of communication, and she's really thoughtful about that.
Telênia Albuquerque
Comic Creator and Writer
Rebecca is so personable and lovely to chat to. She's kind and understanding and I really appreciate the services provided.
A Kind Soul
Consulting client

Let me design something for you!

Sometimes all that stands between an amazing idea and success is great design. I’m here to help you with the technical stuff so you can focus on what you do best – creating kick-ass content. My design skills are focused on book production, branding and website design – my favourite things! I’ve built my own streams of income around publishing and e-Commerce, so I know what works. I’ll help you push your project over the finish line.

Book Cover Designs

If you're looking for a book cover designer and illustrator for your next project, look no further! I'm really passionate about book design, as you can see from my own books. Let's discuss your vision and see how we can combine it with my art style to create something awesome and marketable. You can see some of my portfolio below!

Paperback Formatting

You've done the important work by writing the book. Let me handle the fussy technical side by turning your manuscript into a complete printable file! We'll work together to figure out what your book specifically needs to look polished, and I'll translate that into a compact file that you can easily send to a book printer.

eBook or Workbook Formatting

Your great ideas meet my great design skills with this service! I'll take your content and transform it into a vibrant eBook or PDF document for online distribution. I can create a file that is eReader compatible, a great lead magnet, an awesome digital product, or a tactical promotional tool for your business.

Website Design

Your business deserves an outstanding online presence. I've been designing websites since 2002 (okay, so the early ones were for my Neopets...) and I'm still at it. My approach is very user-experience oriented. Think minimal but impactful, with clean and effective design. I'll put together a web design package that fits your specific needs, whether that includes a blog, a store, or a portfolio.

Here's some of my work.

Take a look at a few of my design projects.

Let's build your online business!

You’re a busy entrepreneur with awesome ideas. Maybe digital skills aren’t exactly your strong suit. Not to worry – I’m here to get you on the right track! In my previous career, I was a university instructor, and I love teaching folks how to get results. If you’re looking to start a blog, build an online store, or simply figure out how you best get your business online and tap into the millions of potential customers out there, let’s talk! You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be to upgrade your business’ digital presence.

Blogging Orientation Sessions

Getting started as a blogger can feel a little overwhelming, but after a solid strategy session with me, you'll be filled with ideas and ready to take the next step! I've been blogging since 2015 and I'm always learning new ways to optimize and use my blog for my business. No matter what your niche, we can work together to create a content strategy, figure out how to monetize your content, and create systems to grow your audience and reach.

Business Clarity Sessions

You've got a great idea or a business that is already flourishing. But how do you connect with an even bigger market online? I'm slightly obsessed with all the possibilities that the digital world offers us entrepreneurs, and I'm keen to share my knowledge with you. Let's connect and talk about your business goals, and how you can leverage the power of the internet to accelerate your growth. I'm especially passionate about helping small business owners and rural entrepreneurs, so reach out and see how I can help you!

e-Commerce Orientation Sessions

Building an online store has probably been on your mind for a while, right? But there are so many elements to it - the website, the payment system, the shipping - where do you even start? You start with an e-Commerce Orientation Session! I've been running online stores for many businesses over a huge variety of platforms, and I can tell you all their pros and cons. No matter your budget or your product type, we can find a solution that you and your customers will both love.

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