Starting a creative business? Want to boost your skills and grow your craft? The Sprout School is for you!

Launching October 8th 2019

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  • video lessons

Each course module comes with video lessons to help you learn dynamically and efficiently.

  • activities

Forget the fluff content – each lesson comes with practical activities to help you develop your skills and knowledge.

  • bite size units

You’re busy , so don’t worry about carving out hours at a time to make progress – lessons are structured so that you can take them at your leisure.

  • resources

Receive curated resource lists that will help you to grow your business and access diverse professionals.

  • email support

Each course comes with a three-month window of email support from the instructor.

  • takeaways

Learn useful methods and collect worksheets that you can continue to use long after the course is complete!

created by
offshoot creative consulting

The Sprout School is hosted and created by Rebecca Wilson of Offshoot Creative Consulting. Offshoot CC offers consulting, coaching, and services for creative business owners and writers.