The Perils of Finishing a Book

For me, trying to write a book doesn’t start to be challenging until I’m almost finished. 98% done. Nearly ready to hit save and send it off in an email to somebody else to review, enjoy, or try and sell. But that last 2%, oh man. I can’t even face it.  I call it “baby […]

MM 05: The Journaling Habit

More than a hobby but less than a lifestyle, journaling is an awesome way to centre yourself while also working through the troubles of your day. In addition to a little bit of science about how this practice can help you, we’ll talk about different types of journals you can keep, incorporating it into your […]

How to Sell eBooks on Amazon

I’ve got a couple of eBooks up on Amazon (One Bad Gallbladder and The Vintage Vegetarian, for example) and I’ve found the process to be straightforward…once you know what kind of information you need in order to list your books. So last time I was uploading an eBook for sale, I took a few screenshots […]

How to get started freelance editing

Freelance editing is a great way for organised, pedantic people to earn some extra income. I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now, and currently have a long-term editing contract with a company where I can set my own hours and work as much as I want each week. It’s kind of awesome, […]

How to Write a Thank You Note

An important duty in childhood is learning to say thank you. In adulthood, you need to learn to do this in writing. The art of the thank you note is, I’ll admit, somewhat out of fashion. It’s often much easier to send a quick text or an email instead of a notecard. But that’s perfectly […]

50 Post Ideas for Food Bloggers (That Aren’t Just Recipes!)

Struggling for new ideas for your food blog? Sometimes it’s nice to break outside of the formula of creating recipes and posting food photos and do something a little different. Here’s a list of 50 different post ideas that you can use for your food or recipe blog! Consider them as starting points, and think […]